Copernicus Sentinel3-A Image from 11 February 2022
Small Consultancy Company With Focus on Operational Development

Do you have a task where you need someone with experience and understanding of operational systems within satellite data, telecommunication, electronics or software development? We might be able to help.

Official Reseller of Novra Receivers for Europe

We are official resellers of Novra DVB receivers for EUMETCast in Europe.

We can provide S300E, as well the new S401 Pro DVB-S2 receivers. S401Pro has replaced S400 (June 2024).

Rack Mounting Kit:

Up to three receivers can be mounted on a 1U 19″ rack frame for safe and secure mounting in professional operational IT environments.

Configuration of Novra receivers:

We can assist you with configuration of the receivers for EUMETCast Europe and Africa.

Ground Segment

For ground segment we can provide:

  • Operations, maintenance, service
  • EUMETCast
    • Design of stations for EUMETCast Europe and EUMETCast Africa
SciOps Headquarter Testing facility

At SciOps we strive to make the best possible customer support. Therefore we have a setup of a 2.4m antenna setup for EUMETCast Africa as well a separate antenna setup for EUMETCast Europe. Likewise we have various Novra receivers setup for these services.

Customers (as per July 2024)
Our Background

SciOps (Science in Operations) was founded in 2018 by two engineers (M.Sc.E.E), each having 15+ years of professional experience.

The domains where we have most experience is within Meteorological Applications and Satellite Application Facilities for Weather Data Processing.

We have experience from operational environments where it is necessary to have very stable and tested systems that are operating 24/7 incl. documentation on what to do when some anomalies occur.

We have had different roles throughout our careers and can provide consulting within most parts of development cycle: from requirements specifications and design to reporting, and from systems engineering and software architecture to programming tasks and development of algorithms and testing.